Thursday, February 7, 2019

Progress towards preparing a clone of Human Brain

Scientists have developed a new transistor based on Organic Material. This is capable of learning also. This has paved the way for such a technique through which a clone of the human brain can be prepared. This Transistor has been invented by the Scientists of the Licoping University of Sweden. This has been armed with short term and long term memory. Till now, the unique property of making connections has been seen only in the brain.
But this transistor can also make new connections between input and output. Researcher of Linkoping, Jenifer Gerasimov said, we have proved that we can induce short term and permanent changes that this transistor does with the processing of information. This is important from the view of making model of a working system of the brain. 
Soon you may give order for new kidney manufactured in Lab

At last, good news for the patients awaiting kidney transplantation. The day is not far when kidney for such patients may be prepared in Lab. Scientists have met with great success in this direction. They have developed kidneys successfully in mice by using only a few stem cells of the donors.

As per the researchers of the National Institute for Physiological Sciences of Japan, the need for kidney transplantation arises after
the failure of kidneys in patients. But kidney transplant in many patients remains incomplete due to the paucity of donors. To overcome such conditions, researchers are working on developing healthy human organs outside the human body. One of such methods is Blastocyst Complementation, whose results have been found encouraging. Chief Researcher Taipei Goto said we have earlier developed pancreas in mice by using Blastocyst Complementation. Then we researched further to test whether a working kidney can be developed by using this technique.     

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Most Patients die just after Surgery

A study has told that every year about 4.2 million patients die within 30 days of the surgery. Researchers of the University of Bermingham said that most of the cases of death are reported in medium and lower income countries. Many needy patients are not even able to get surgery also. If surgery of all the patients is done then the cases of death after surgery may touch 6.1 million figure worldwide. Researchers informed that not all the deaths after surgery are avoidable. 
Blood Cancer may make you Old early

Scientists, for the first time, have discovered that you may get Old in early age due to Blood Cancer. This disease can increase the rate of ageing of healthy Bone Merrow. With this research, the door for the development of anti-ageing medicines may be opened. As per the researchers of the East Anglia University of Britain, this is well known that danger of Cancer increases with the increase of age.
This, however, has been discovered for the first time that reverse of above is also possible. In the study, healthy Bone Merrow cells were found untimely aged due to the presence of Cancer cells around them. These old aged Bone Merrow cells increase the rate of increase of Lucemia.  Mr Stuart Eushworth, researcher of East Anglia told, our study has shown that cancer becomes the reason of ageing.    
AI Instrument will find out Schizophrenia 

Detection of serious mental disease like Schizophrenia is still a hard nut to crack by Scientists. University of Alberta of Canada has achieved an important success in this field and developed an instrument named Impasij, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). During testing, this instrument detected disease accurately in 87% of patients of Schizophrenia. 
The patients of Schizophrenia gets detached from the outer world. The symptoms in any two patients of this disease are not the same all the time. Due to this, detection of this disease becomes very difficult. Scientist Sunil Kalmadi informed that this disease can be detected accurately with the help of AI.    
New Tablet, which will keep a watch on Cancer inside the Stomach

A swallowable tablet has been prepared by the Scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of America. Once inside the stomach, this tablet inflates and converted into a softball. This tablet can keep a watch on Cancer, Ulcer and other conditions inside the stomach for up to one month.

As per the Researchers, this tablet has a sensor and can keep a watch on the temperature inside the stomach for up to 30 days. This tablet can be extracted from the stomach by drinking a solution of Calcium. This tablet gets shrunk to its original size by drinking Calcium Solution and will come out easily from the body.  This new tablet has been prepared from two types of Hydrogel. Mr. Juanahe Jhao, Associate Professor of MIT said, the thinking behind making this tablet is that this can keep a watch on the health of patient for a long time.


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cycling and Treadmill can reduce Tension

Do you want to keep yourself healthy and reduce tension? Then you may think about cycling and sweating it out on the Treadmill.  It has been found in a study that instead of sitting idle for a long time, you can keep yourself more fit by doing such kind of exercises. As per the researchers, the danger of not only obesity, heart disease and diabetes but cancer also increases by doing work in a sitting position for a longer duration.