Thursday, January 17, 2019

Fasting can keep Old age diseases at bay

If you to keep old age related diseases away, then you may think about fasting. A new study has claimed that fasting not only keeps metabolism of body healthy, but it can help in saving from ageing related diseases also.

According to researchers, all biological activities of body are controlled by biological clock. This clock is affected by your food habits. However, it is not yet clear that how food habits affect working of this clock and finally how it affects the body. This conclusion has been drawn from a study carried out on mice. These mice were kept without food for 24 hours and its effects were observed. Professor Paulo Seson - Korsi of California University of America told, we have found that fasting affects biological clock.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

AI will reduce cost of Heart Test

Scientists have made Electrokardiogram (EKG) Test of heart,
cheaper by using Artificial Inteligence (AI). This test can detect first signals of heart failure. As per the Researchers, AI/EKG is more accurate than other general tests like memography used in breast cancer. Researchers of Mayo Clinic of America said, Asymptometic Left Ventricular Dysfunction causes reduction in capacity of heart to pump the blood. This increases danger of stopping the working of heart.

This problem can be cured. However, there is no cheap equipment available through which Asymptometic Left Ventricular dysfunction can be tested without any pain. Presently available tests are very costly. Presently, Netriuretic Peptaid Level  is tested for detecting Asymptometic Left Ventricular Dysfunction.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Biomarker identifying the irregular heartbeat found

Researchers have identified two such Biomarkers, that can help in identifying irregular heartbeat of heart. Thses irrgular heartbeats increase danger of stroke.
More than 30 million people are affected from the problem of irregular heartbeat or 'Atrial Fibrillation' (AF), worldwide. Normal this is identified only after stroke. Researchers of Bermingham University of Britain have identified two such Biomarkers along with three reasons of danger. These are found to be strongly related with AF. This discovery will help in better identification of AF. This will also help in bigway in treatment of patients.  
Your Body itself will treat Diabetes

Researchers have got big success in fight with diabetes. They have identified such cells in human body that can work in place of those damaged cells which produce insulin. When body becomes incapable of producing insulin, problem of diabetes arises. Insulin is a type of hormone, which controls the level of blood sugar. Many Diabetes patients have to take injection of insulin suppliment to control the level of blood sugar.
According to researchers of Bergen University of Norway, Glucagon producing cell have been identified in Pencriyas. These cells can take place of damaged or dead insulin producing cells. These cells can also work like insulin producing cells. Researchers of Bergen University, Ms Luija Gilla said, due to identification in cells and modification in functioning capacity, this discovery is importent in alzheimer and other such diseases also, which are caused due to destruction of cells. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Blood Suger Test without pain

Testing of blood suger is not less than a challenge to Diabetes patients. Drawing one drop of blood daily by pricking needle is painfule experience. Now Scientists have discovered a way for mitigating this daily pain. Researchers of KTH Royal Institute ofTechnology of Sweden have invented a Patch with very small needle. This patch is capable of monitoring suger level in body for entire day without giving pain. Presently, a needle is used in the device  used for monitoring Glucose levels in the body for entire day. Needle of this device has to be inserted in the body for at least 7 milimeter. On the other hand, size of the needle in new device is about 50 times less than the present needle. Scientists said that with new patch, it is possible to detect blood suger levels directly from skin itself. Absolutely no pain is experienced by the person while using new patch,  

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Depression in Elders may be reduced by treating deafness

Scientists say that by treating ageing ralated deafness in elders, depression of last stage of life can be treated. Deafness of old age can be treated.
As per researchers, relation has been found between depression and ageing related deafness. This may cause diseases like memory loss. Assistant Ptofessor of Columbia University, Mr. Justin S. Golab said, people above 70 years old face problem of deafness upto some extent. Treatment of this problem is important as this helps in saving from depression also. 
YOGA: Paryankasana - Beneficial in Heart Disease

This Asana has many benefits. Paryank in Sanskrit means Spread. Muscles from thighs to head get streched in this Asana due to which these muscles remain fit.  This Asana has special benefits in Heart Disease. This is like Supta Vajrasana. This Asana gives benefits of Vajrasana, Supt Vajrasana and Matsyasana. This asana can be done by two methods.

First Method

Sit in Vajrasana and lie down slowly with the help of your hands in such a way that only your head is touching ground and torso remains slightly above ground. This should be done slowly avoiding any jerk. Join both of your knees after lying down. Then keep your hands behind head in locked position. If you want, you can keep your hands on thighs or ballybutton. Stay in this posture comfortably from one to three minutes. Then unlock your hands with deep and slow breath and slowly come back to Vajrasana position and then straighten your legs and lie down in Shavasana posture.

Second Method

Sit and stretch both of your legs in front of you. Now with taking breath, bend your right leg slowly towards right side. Now keep right elbow on right knee and keep right hand below your head like a pilow. Left leg should be in straight position and left hand should be over left thigh. Stay in this posture for about one minute with normal breathing. Then repeat this process with bending left leg and keeping right leg straight.


#Lungs get strengthened due to pulling of back. This helps in mitigating breathing related diseases. Lungs become healthy due to intake of more Oxygen.
 #Problem of Thyroid eases due to stretching of portions around neck.
#Due to being in Vajrasana, blood circulation towards digestive system increases and it works in a better way.
#Helps in diseases related to reproductive organs and bladder.
#Thighs, back and stomach become active due to stretching of these organs. Spinal chord gets strengthened.
#Helpful in reducing fat around back and hips.
#It is helpful in problems of piles, hyrocele, lasyness, hernia and less production of sperms.
#Helps in mitigation of gastric and indigestion problems.


Experts say that woman get lots of benefits from this Asana, but pregnent women should avoid this asana. If you still want to do this asana then do it under expert supervision. Don't do on your own.